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I don’t know if I’ll publicly release this game, but this is what I’ve been working on recently as a present for Ariane’s upcoming birthday.

Yes, it is a game where our heroine runs around killing blobs of living gel to harvest and process their gel in to a form that can make her boobs grow.  Because why not?


Full images of the morphs I use in the game can be found here on my DeviantArt account.

More photoshoots of Ariane Saint-Amour can be found on her paid site:

She’d originally taken the uteral relaxant meds to ensure her baby wouldn’t be born prematurely.  Unfortunately she overdosed, and now her uterus is stretching so easily that her body won’t force her in to labor.  Twelve months after the baby should have been born, she’s forced to keep taking the meds, as the baby is now too big to birth either naturally or via cesarean.  She wonders what the next twenty years will be like as her baby grows to full adult size inside of her.


This is a great way to have some fun with awesome stretching… One small step up at a time, till she’s filled right up. Not one huge toy that might not be shaped like her pussy is, instead, a bunch of small ones that slot themselves together in the best way to fill every single nook and cranny in her.
I wonder if she even knows where they all are… Or if she just feels full, without any actual comprehension of what he pussy looks like and what shape it’s contorted its self into.

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It is FINALLY here guys. I present to you the prologue for the Lending Link Out series.

If you are unsure on what the “Lending Link Out” series is, than you can check out my updated blog post about it HERE.

Just to remind everyone, this 6 page prologue will be posted here on HF, my tumblr and FA free of charge for all to see. All chapters after this will be digitally sold on Lulu for around $5 each.

As for this chapter I will be posting two pages a day.

The next chapter I will be working on is the Treasure house girl chapter.

If you are no sure who the green haired girl is it is SARIA! She went through a great fairy transformation in my first zelda comic Mask Madness

On the last page Yes, those are little link hates.

If you want the whole 6 pages in pdf format, you can download it HERE

The natural inclination that came with Ariane’s slow hourglassification was to put her sexually charged assets to good use.  Regular orgies with both men and women initially resulted in her having at least a few sleepless nights each week.  As her assets continued to grow in to even more pronounced curves and the popularity of having them fucked spread amongst her friends and her friends’ friends, eventually every night of the week became sleepless.

She’d find herself fucked silly until her lovers finally passed out in the early hours of the morning, affording her finally a chance to rest for a while before having to get up again as her friends took the opportunity to fuck her one last time before departing for their places of work.  She’d have a brief pause in the day of which a notable portion of time was spent attempting to shower the copious amounts of semen and girl cum from the many nooks and crannies of her exaggerated female form.

By the time she’d made herself presentable it would already be the late afternoon and new would-be sexual partners eager to experience her flesh would already be arriving, many of whom would have traveled to her place directly from their work.

After a month Ariane’s boobs and ass had ballooned to unimaginable proportions, and as they grew bigger so too did the crowd of perverts that eagerly lined up to fuck her.  Many of whom did not have day jobs, and Ariane found her free hours vanishing.

Eventually there was always at least one person available to fill one or more of her holes and/or suck hot milk from her massive tits.  The orgies grew and sheer exhaustion from such strenuous love making as well as the electric orgasms that wracked her body left her drained to the point of unconsciousness.

She began fainting even while in the midst of a gang bang.  Her eyes would roll back as she chocked on a cock while her pussy was double stuffed with members eager to gush their seed.  The world became a blur of pleasure and intermittent moments of adrenaline fueled consciousness.

Her body became a toy for others to pleasure themselves with.  Girls would eat her out or grind their pussies on her limbs while sucking milk from her tits, while boys enthusiastically filled her holes and fucked any part of her cleavage that they could.  Even after she’d passed out they’d lift her up, pose her however they wanted, even dress her up in any latex suit that didn’t cover her tits or ass.

She became the center of an adult club dedicated to exploring all the sexual pursuits that her body as a fuck toy could offer them.  Her body and the pleasure it offered became the sole purpose of her life, and through dizzy moments of awareness she found little motivation to be anything else amongst the sea of erotic sensations she felt.


Larger versions of these images can be found here on my DeviantArt account.

More photoshoots of Ariane Saint-Amour can be found on her paid site:

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Have I mentioned how much I love hips?  There are, thankfully, a nicely sized portion of the female population with giant breasts, but at times it seems like there is a severe drought of girls with exceptionally wide hips compared to their waists.  Robin here, blessedly, displays how gorgeous a woman with such proportions can be.

If you want to see more of this exceptional real-life fertility goddess, you can find pics of her on this deviant art account (sadly, not mine).

It wasn’t causing the growth, but the incessant rubbing motions she made around her clit were certainly not helping in preventing the changes that were now occurring.  Ariane didn’t know what had instigated the transformation; all she knew was that her clit had grown both in sensitivity and size in only a matter of minutes.  Urges, powerful ones, were building in her nethers and what had been a small nub only moments earlier was now a throbbing bulb of flesh the size of a golf ball, squished between her pussy lips.

The desire for sexual release kept her mind preoccupied from the fear that she likely should have been experiencing as a reaction.  Instead she kept her hand down her panties with two fingers wrapped around the nub of flesh with her thumb rubbing over its surface.  It has swollen larger with the last orgasm and left her panties a wet mess.  She felt another climax building, and she kept her thumb fervently moving back and forth across the tender flesh, egging her genitals towards blissful release.

Her knees nearly buckled and the sensation of cumming forced her down on to the bed.  As orgasmic bliss washed through her hips she felt her clit growing again.  Larger, more protruding, like a cock but not as rigid; yet despite the lack of rigidity she still moved her hand up its length.  Her clit was half a foot long with mottled circular patterns on its underside and just as sensitive as before.  Refractory periods were things for men to worry about, and for her right now she couldn’t think of anything else but rubbing out another orgasm hopefully stronger than the last.

One climax at a time her clit grew longer and thicker.  Laying backwards on the bed with her giant tit obscuring her view of everything happening down below she focused entirely on the sensation of moving her hands up the length of her growing female member, using her own sopping pussy juices to keep her hands and clitoral cock lubricated.  Her entire body felt overheated and even her fake tits ached as the breast tissue that still remained in them became swollen too.  She could feel the texture of her clit changing, but it wasn’t until it was finally long enough to reach up in to the underside of her cleavage that Ariane bothered to actually look at what her clit had been transforming in to each time she had climaxed.

Sitting up and doing her best to look over the giant orbs of her tits which were themselves a few cup sizes larger than normal as well, she finally realized what her clit had become.  Protruding out three feet from where her clit should have been was now a tentacle.  Its surface still felt distinctly like human skin save for the suckers on its underside.  It was as thick as her fists put together at its base which kept her pussy lips stretched apart and encouraged her cunt’s entrance to constantly gape, dripping her girl cum everywhere.  The entire length was more sensitively erogenous than her clit had originally been, and the urge to continue stroking it still plagued her impulses.

She stared fixedly at the tip of the tentacle, and began noticing how it could move.  The feeling was totally alien to her, and yet she found she could make it move how she wanted it to with a bit of effort.  She tensed the muscles in the base and pressed the length of her new limb up against her belly.  With a bit of concentration she wiggled the tip and the small length beneath it up in to the sweaty recesses of her swollen cleavage.

It felt glorious to have such a tender organ wrapped between her boobs.  She moved it up and down, slowly fucking her tits with her new tentacle clit.  Her hands reached up, gripping two surprisingly large nipples, and played with her boobs while using her tentacle to build herself towards another orgasm.

When she came her reaction felt completely natural despite the oddity of the scenario playing out.  Like before her tentacle grew longer, right up through her cleavage, thickening enough to press her breasts apart, and she thoughtlessly did what came naturally to her.  She sucked the tip right in to her mouth while the rest of the shaft continued to undulate between her boobs, which she only subconsciously acknowledged had swollen again as well.

Up and down the lewd appendage thrust between her cleavage and in to her mouth.  One hand worked up and down the thickened shaft, spreading her pussy juices along it to keep the tentacle lubricated while her other hand dived beneath her strained panties and in to her snatch to pleasure her feminine center of ecstasy.  Cumming became an all-encompassing focus, resulting in her breast tissues continuing to grow around her massive silicone implants; forcing her boobs to swell larger and rounder.  Constant orgasms likewise maintained the growth of her tentacle, elongating it more and more until it was long enough to start wrapping around each breast while still fucking her cleavage and mouth.

By the time exhaustion finally overtook her erotic urges Ariane’s tits had grown large enough to rest on either side of her torso on the bed while still being able to press against each other to form cleavage, like a pair of giant fleshy beach balls.  Her clit-turned-tentacle was long enough to wrap around each giant breast and still extend up between them and in to her mouth.  Her bed sheets were soaked with sweat and female cum, and the desire to continue fucking herself was still an ever present urge.

The sound of the door in the next room opening and closing drew her attention.  The soft footfalls of a woman in exceptionally high heels emanated through the doorway, and Ariane realized she had forgotten about how her friend Amy was supposed to visit this evening.  Ariane’s tentacle unwrapped itself from her tits and curled in the air above her.  She sat up, with both giant tits filling her lap and squashing the tentacle down between her legs.

A horrible temptation built within her nethers as the sound of her busty and curvy friend moved nearer to the room.  “Ariane?  You here?  Oh- Oh my god!!”


Larger versions of these images can be found here on my DeviantArt account.

More photoshoots of Ariane Saint-Amour can be found on her paid site:

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